Asus EEE PC 901 SSD Upgrade

Update: Upgrade instructions and benchmark of the EEE 901 with an even faster SSD.

Recently, I upgraded the harddisk of my EEE PC. It comes with a 4 GB onboard SSD which in quite slow, and a 8 GB SSD which is even slower. A benchmark shows just how slow it is.

Benchmark onboard SSD

After reading the test of the RunCore Pro IV SSD on jkkmobile, I decided it was time to upgrade. Unfortunately, the RunCore SSDs are hard to come by in Germany, so I bought a 32 GB Super Talent PCIe SSD (FPM32GLSE) for about 100 €, expecting similar performance.

I made an image of the old drives and upgraded the BIOS to the newest version. To my surprise, installing the drive was as simple as swapping the RAM module.

After restoring the images to the new drive, I ran the benchmark again.

Benchmark Super Talent SSD

Overall, the Super Talent SSD outperforms the onboard SSD. Sequential writing is a bit slower, but sequential reading is more than 3x faster. 4k writing is about 12x faster, but the absolute value of 0.7 MB/s is still quite low. A RunCore Pro IV should get about 16 MB/s which is 20x more.

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  2. After upgrading 8Gb ssd to 32Gb ssd I’ve lost 4 Gb ssd and have to press F1 to boot any suggestions to solve F1 problem