Your gadgets are disgusting

This fly. It was killing me. For hours it was circling around me while I was sitting at my desk. And everytime I leaned back, it landed either on my MacBook, my iPhone or on my iPad. I watched this for several hours until it dawned on me: if this fly finds my iDevices so delicious, there must be something wrong.

I solved my fly problem in 30 seconds and no flys were harmed in the process. The solution was simple: I wiped my iPhone, my Macbook and my iPad with desinfectand and the fly suddenly lost its interest.
We interact with our devices all day long, touching them, spreading bread crumbs over them, sneezing on them, even pressing them against our face in case of a phone. A lot of germs find their way onto your beloved gadgets. My anecdotal evidence is supported by a study that has shown that keyboards can be dirtier than toilets and can even be hazardous to health.
Maybe it should become a social norm to wash your hands touching a keyboard or answering the phone. Until then I will desinfect my devices on regular basis.

Note: I had no issues with applying alcohol based desinfectand to my iDevices and my MacBook. Apple keyboards can even be put into a dishwasher, if you let them dry thoroughly. YMMV with your devices and I don’t take responsibily if your phone dissolves or your keyboard turns into Das Keyboard.

One thought on “Your gadgets are disgusting

  1. Good point. Thanks for the suggestion! … sorry, need to leave for cleaning my keyboard now! 😉