For the last 8 years, this blog has been my primary outlet whenever I had the urge to share some written worlds with the world. This resulted in a hodgepodge of 44 articles covering a wide range of topics: technical articles related to my work as a consultant and software developer, as well as personal stuff like my nerdy side projects and my passion for everything fast.

I’ve decided to give my technical writing a new home:

You might wonder, why even bother? Truth be told, nobody ever complained that my blog isn’t focused enough. Probably because they forgot what the last post was about, because on average more than two months did pass between posts.

The key to building an audience is to write consistently about a well defined topic. That’s what I am planning to do on

So if you are interested in Django, Python and software development in general, go check it out and subscribe to the mailing list to get notified of new articles and stuff I work on.

But beware! At some point, I will launch some kind of product and there is a high probability that you will buy it because it will solve a painful problem for you and I have demonstrated my expertise with my technical writing. Sounds like a plan, right?

Frankly, I have no idea yet what this product might look like. For now I focus on writing something helpful on a regular basis.

I will document my journey to product income on this blog, so if you want to see how my grand masterplan works out, just keep this tab open. A slightly more convenient way to stay updated would be to follow me on Twitter.