Speed up your iPhone 6s by replacing the battery

Last weekend, I read a post on Reddit where /u/TeckFire claimed that his iPhone 6s became much faster again after replacing the battery. A new iPhone 6s should get a score of ~2300 on the Single-Core benchmark and ~3900 on the Multi-Core benchmark of Geekbench 4. The poster saw scores of 1466 and 2512 respectively. After getting the battery replaced, the phone was restored to full speed again. The explanation was that as the battery degrades, the iPhone reduces the clock speed to extend the battery lifetime. I decided to figure out if my phone was affected by that as well.

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It’s waiting, not sleeping – how I became a Mac user

I never was a fan of Apple products. Sure, they looked slick, but in my opinion, they were toys, for designers, not for hackers. And they were expensive. A good friend of mine had bought a MacBook Pro and after the initial excitement faded, he became more and more disappointed until he finally switched back to his Linux desktop and sold his Mac with a big loss. My prejudice against Macs seemed to be confirmed. Little did I know that I would join the cult of the Mac soon. Continue reading

Change order of PATH entries on Mac OS X

I wanted to have /usr/local/bin to be listed before /usr/bin in my PATH environment variable.

One way to achieve this would be to add a ~/.profile file with a line like this:

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

This would result in /usr/local/bin being listed twice. It wouldn’t hurt but it’s not pretty either.

If you look at /etc/profile, you will see that the initial value of PATH is set by path_helper(8).

The right way to change the order of default paths is to edit /etc/paths. It contains one path per line, in descending order. Mine looks like this: